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Dear users,

thank you for having interests in and using yeston’s products. you can call our local technical support center if having any doubts in the process of using yeston’s products or call to enjoy our after-sales service. yeston implements strict guarantee clauses and provides better after-sales services for users in accordance with relevant provisions concerning the “three guarantees” services in national quality surveillance examination. the specific regulations are as follows:

I. Free Warranty Services

within two years after your purchase, if any quality problem included in the list of microcomputer commodity performance faults appears under the circumstance that you use normally the product which is in the regular warranty scope, the seller shall provide corresponding services for you in the light of relevant provisions concerning “three guarantees”.

if a component or a part of the product you have purchased is damaged but we have ceased production and you cannot find a corresponding one in the market, we will negotiate with you for depreciation of the product and replace the product with another product while you need to make the difference (we will make depreciation of non-performing products in accordance with the proportion specified in the “three guarantees”).

from april 1, 2018, quality assurance for six months, before april 2018 sales of mining graphics to maintain one year warranty, the warranty time for our sales date.all mining card only maintenance, no change new ,no return.

II. Circumstances Excluded in Warranty Service:

if any of the following circumstances happens, we will not provide the “three guarantees” services:

1. bad-appearance products, including that:

pcb or components and parts are burned, cracked, discolored, broken, damaged, worn or have broken stitches;

pcb or components and parts are scratched, out of shape, rusty, oxidized, corroded or fractured;

the product is damaged due to arbitrary change or self-maintenance, including graphics card iron baffle’s missing and distortion, disassembly of cooling fan or cooling fin, soldering tin left on pcb etc;

the product’s bar code label is torn up, damaged, blurred, altered or counterfeited;

365app下载breakdowns happen due to hot plugging, other thing’s entering machine and computer virus;

365app下载2. products of other companies;

365app下载3. products beyond yeston’s warranty period;

365app下载4. products damaged due to such force majeure as lighting, flood, fire, earthquake etc;

365app下载5. products damaged due to user’s inappropriate transportation, use and storage.

365app下载note: our company has the right to identify the failure causes of yeston’s graphics cards and the right of final explanation of the above clauses.

Instructions for Direct Repair

1. users can choose a local service network station if product breakdown happens in the process of product using.

365app下载2. users should choose an express company or a postal company that provides home delivery service if needing to send a non-performing product to the following service network stations, and users should check tracking after the product is sent out in case the product stays in transit for a long time or is lost;

3. (nonlocal) users must use shock-proof, break-proof and press-proof protective package when sending the product for repair; users are advised to choose normal express companies in case disputes about product damage happens; if the product is damaged in the process of posting, the sending party shall settle the problem and bear the responsibility by itself.

365app下载4. (nonlocal) users must pay the postage for sending the product to be repaired;

5. users must attach a copy of the effective proof-of-purchase with the product sent to be repaired;

365app下载6. a checklist must be attached with the product sent to be repaired, and the checklist must include the name, phone number and detailed address of the contact person as well as the product model and description of failure (e.g. if the product has such man-made damages as severe burn, broken corner, bilging, oxidization etc before sent to be repaired, users must indicate the circumstance, otherwise we will not accept that).

7. users should not attach cpu, internal memory, hard disc and original package with the product sent to be repaired, and our company is not responsible for taking care of and returning them to users.

365app下载8. for the unclaimed products (including those with wrong contact information and those automatically abandoned products), our company will not return them to their owners if it is over 60 days since we receive the products.

9. telephone counseling time: 09:30-17:30, monday - friday

Attachment 1: Maintenance service network stations

Board and card technology service hotline

365app下载motherboard technical support hotline:

graphics card technical support hotline:

Attachment 2: Maintenance service network stations

365app下载after-sales service network stations nationwide 

contact no.

detailed address

shenzhen headquarters 

yingjiaxun after-sales department, herewin technology co., ltd., no.1 guliaoer road, keyuancheng information industrial park, dongguan, guangdong province

beijing office

room 7002, beijing silicon valley computer city, west playground of yiheyuan road, haidian district, beijing

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